Monday, December 04, 2006

Fun For The Whole Family


Chinese wedding dinners:
1) 9 courses of food.
(Promoting blatant gluttony)

2) Being stuck at a table with your parents and a bunch of strangers filled with conversations on:
a) how great their kids are,
b) the share market,
c) politics, as well as (HOORAY!)
d) their various ailments and exchanging tips on how to cure these afflictions....
(Is this how "adults" bond? Exchanging medical histories? I really DON'T need to hear about your endoscopies!)

3) Much drinking, due to self trying to drown out repeated occurances of sickly sweet, chirpy questions like: "Hee hee hee, so when's YOUR turn to get married?"
(Bwarrrrrgh..... It will happen when it happens, people!! I can't propose to myself now, can I? And do I really look like the kind who will purposely "accidentally" get knocked up to trap a man into marriage??)

Yeah - my weekend was FUN.
(I just thank the Gods that there was none of the typical karaoke sessions this time - if I hear another drunken rendition of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" I just may snap and go on a drunken rampage which just may involve me beating people to death with a microphone...)

Anyway..... Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. Glad to hear you're not rushing into marriage abd motherhood ie thinking for yourself. Course if the previous generation made the effort to reproduce they're bound to feel a bit anxious if they see the great lineage train derailed at the next station down the line.

  2. to wuching:
    I am velly traditional wan.
    The BF must ask me!

    to the editor:
    Well,... it's supposed to be for life so best not to rush into it, right?
    (Man... the ppl in my grandmum and granddad's generation were like rabbits: My mum had 11 brothers and sisters! O_o')

  3. Chinese wedding dinners are a bore. I never go to them lol. Yes, I hate the "when's your turn?" question. Sucks balls

  4. I always reply my aunties/uncles "I will get married in 30 years time."
    And that shut them up! Hahaha

  5. to merv kwok:
    So when you find the right girl, save everyone the pain and just elope, k?
    (That's what I dream to do anyway: Las Vegas Chapel, with an Elvis priest....)

    to che-cheh:
    Good one!
    I will try that next time.
    The last time, I tried: "When I find the right guy" but that just sparked off a 10 minute interview on what I look for in a man so they can "help me look"....
    (I know they mean well but... *sigh*)

  6. the dinner wasn't so bad =P

  7. to soo jin:
    Well, that's because you were at a table with all your old school friends!

    (The food was pretty good though)


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