Tuesday, June 20, 2006

~ Attack Of The MSG ~

I have no complaints about the taste of the food in Kuching so far but....
I always feel really, REALLY thirsty after eating at restaurants here....

Could it be... MSG?
I really hope not.... that would be a real pity - as it is, too many people take the short cut of adding in that little magical white powder instead of other proper ingredients to enhance the flavour...

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MSG : The Way Of The Future?


I've always been a bit sensitive towards MSG in my food anyways...
It may not affect other people so much but I always feel so, very parched after consuming anything with too much MSG in it...
(I remember once, I even had a lot of trouble falling asleep because I kept needing to drink water and had this horrible heartburn-y sorta feeling in my chest)

It is SO hard to find 100% MSG free restaurants though.
Even some of my favourite eateries (I will not name names) seem to resort to MSG on some days - it doesn't happen often, but when it does, I can tell.

*indignant scowl*

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  1. Yeah, I never really liked MSG in food either.

    I guess the only way to avoid it is to make your own food :P

  2. i here ya on this. when i eat hawker, i need lots of fluids to rehydrate. msg is eeevviill

  3. Hmm... I'm curious to know, actually.

    How does the corner chinese at Sri Hartamas rate? Passable, Good?

  4. to Will:
    Yeah,... MSG in food is absolutely detestable. Unfortunately I travel too much to cook for myself.
    (I don't think the hotels I stay in will appreciate me cooking in the rooms and I'm not gonna lug around a bunch of appliances + cooking utensils anyways)

    to Merv:
    Yes... I agree: it's totally evil!
    I hate that horrible dry feeling.
    A pox on all who use MSG! Especially those who use it excessively.

    to eg9:
    Hmmmm.... if I judge it by the Venison with Spring Onions and Ginger then it's great! (especially for the price in that area) Problem is that I've never gotten around to try anything else so it's a rather biased opinion, don't you think?


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