Monday, June 12, 2006

/{ Leaving On A Jetplane }\



Sleepy. Very.
Had to wake up at unGodly hour to get to the new Air Asia Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).
Was fun - fighting through the crowds, checking in, walking half a K to the airplane and sitting on those hard, hard, HARD seats for 2 hours.
(Note to self: Never fly cattle class on Air Asia ever again - the bloody seats can't be adjusted! *whine* Had to sit at a rather uncomfortable 90 degree angle for the whole flight.....)

Me tired.

Me want Kolo Mee and Sarawak Laksa now.

Other than that, Kuching (aka. Kenny Sia-land) has been ok so far.


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  1. you shud hv asked the steward to help you to adjust the seat. I did it everytime so that my kids can sleep better, on AirAsia mind you..

  2. to anonymous:
    The seats can be adjusted??
    But they don't even have any buttons/ levers on them....
    (I was on a domestic flight and it was a pretty old looking plane)

    Maybe only the International flights have adjustable seats?
    I mean, if they didn't then I can imagine that all the cranky passengers would revolt and take over the plane by the 6th hour in the air.

  3. No idea as I've yet to try Air Asia. Are u going to visit Kenny Sia? Hope you eat lots of laksa.

  4. to Boo:
    Well,.. I have not yet had the wonderful opportunity to be introduced to "he who is one of Malaysia's most prominent bloggers"... so, probably not going to visit him.

    Will definately try to achieve my eating lotsa laksa goal tho.


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