Thursday, June 01, 2006

Have Car, Will Travel

Oh Cendol, dear darling Cendol ....
Your soothing, sticky sweet taste is so comforting on a hot Malaysian day....
Mmmm... cendol

Oh glorious mountain of shaved ice and gula melaka!
You are perfect honey - I wouldn't have you any other way...


Went on a day trip to Melaka last weekend.
Twas fun.
Sadly, while I was there I only managed to gobble one bowl of Cendol, half a bowl of Baba Laksa (yum!)....
Laksa, Baba Style

... and half a bowl of Assam Laksa (yum-yum!)....
Assam Laksa: You either love it or hate it

Where did I go for all this Laksa + Cendol, you ask?
It was this little coffee shop on one end of the Jonker Street area....

View of the laksa place - inside and out

The (new) name of the place is "The Museum Cafe" and the phone number is 06-286 8786.
Oh, and holy commercialism! They have a website too!

Overall, the food at the place was good....
The Baba Laksa was rich without being too "lemak-y" and the texture of the noodles was tender with a little bounce to the bite.
(Mmmm,... I love the bits of bunga kantan that they put in - gives it that extra kick)
The Assam Laksa was also pretty good, fragrant without being too fishy...
Both Laksas came generously topped with half a boiled egg and foo chok, amongst other things.... all for only RM3.50 a bowl!

... And the cendol?
Well,... it was a scorchingly hot day so it went down very very well.

I really wanted to try the Chicken Rice Balls (please avert any skewed thoughts *glare*) at another coffee shop at the other end of Jonker Street, but was too full and decided not to gorge myself. Good thing too, cause the line was super super long!
"We want (chicken rice) balls, we want (chicken rice) balls...", chants the angry mob...


Well,... it's probably worth the wait anyway. I've tried out this restaurant before a few years back - the chicken's tasty and the rice balls are fragrant without being too sticky.

Hmmm, *stares at photo*, am starting to feel hungry just thinking about it - damn.

So, who wants to drive down to Melaka?

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  1. I want to go for road trip to makan!!! Lucky you. Wish I could really go as I have a long list of must try places in Malacca.

  2. Yeah... so many good places to eat there!

    I had a long list of places to go and eat but unfortunately not enough time+space in my tummy...

  3. hey a melakan myself...i would recommend u many other wonderful foods in my town and definately better than what you've tasted! baba chendol, nyonta laksa, satay celup, ikan bakar, chicken rice ball must not be missed on your trip advise, do not try those in air-cond and high class restaurants because normally these foods wont taste as good and it's darn expensive. instead, the normal coffee shop w/o air-cond serves the best chendol, laksa, chicken rice ball & satay celup!!!u can contact me personally for more food recommendations around melaka town and i only recommend the best!! =)

  4. to laney:
    Yeah,... that's generally true.
    (Sometimes, aircond is very essential on a hot day though and Melaka seems to be really hot)

    So where would you recommend for the best laksa/ ikan bakar/ sate celup and chicken rice ball?

    Then I can plan another makan trip to Melaka.

  5. I also like cendol, hehehee:)

  6. Tried both the Laksa place and the chung wah chicken golf balls.....very yummy indeed!!!

    Just wanna add one more....Along jalan Ong Kim Wee have 2 satay celup shops side by side.....very nice too!!

  7. to maon:
    Yeah... it's just so yummy on a hot day!

    to anonymous:
    Glad to hear you had fun trying out the food in Melaka.
    Oh man - I have actually never tried the satay celup before... I must go back to Melaka soon!


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