Monday, June 26, 2006

~ Lady Marmalade ~

The Dinner Lunch

Marmalade opened a few years ago in the Mont Kiara area (in between the Coffee Bean and the Baskin Robbins), and has since then garnered a following from the inhabitants of the posh area with its cosy, homey environment and healthy food choices.
(Oh, I find it very sweet that they have sectioned off a part of their interior as a play area for kids - nice!)

Marmalade exterior

Marmalade Interior

We started off our meal with the Mushroom Bruschetta.....
The Mushroom Bruschetta

(Before I make any comments, I think I'll start off with this Disclaimer : The food here is supposed to be "healthy" so with that, it will naturally be less tasty then its greasier/ saltier/ more calorific cousins at other eateries)

The bread was for a lack of a better word: hard. Thankfully, the mushrooms were tasty - lightly seasoned, panfried with herbs and sprinkled with a dose of healthy alfalfa for good measure.

For the mains, we had the Chicken Pie, Ham and Mushroom Quiche, Beef Lasagne and Chicken Stew....

Clockwise from top left: Chicken Pie, Beef Lasagne, Ham & Mushroom Quiche and Chicken Stew

The pie was ok - there were generous amounts of chunky chicken in the filling but unfortunately, the texture was pretty dry. I found the highlight of the dish to be the creamy mash potatoes. The beef lasagne was better - meaty and flavourful although it was a little dry on the edges due to over-cooking.

Next up, the Chicken Stew came with generous amounts of meat and vegetables (as well as two pieces of the abovementioned hard bread). Still, I found the consistency a bit too runny (more of a soup then a stew, really) and the texture of the chicken was stringy and dry.
(With that, I'm not very convinced that it is worth the RM16 price tag)

However, the Beef Stew comes highly recommended by Boo_licious and Boon (who is a regular there), so I'll take it that it's nicer than the Chicken Stew. The quiche was also only "ok" - better than most quiches found around town and amply filled with mushrooms and ham... Still, taste-wise, it didn't rock my world.

Other than the above, I have (on another occasion) tried the Pesto, Mushroom and Pine Nuts wrap here... That was actually really nice, served with a side of salad.
(I'd recommend that rather than any of the other foods pictured above)
(There are also a variety of interesting salads to choose from - haven't tried any but have heard that they are nice)

For dessert we chose the Chocolate Brownie Ala Mode and the Bread and Butter Pudding:
The Chocolate Brownie and The Bread & Butter Pudding

The Bread and Butter Pudding was pretty good - hot, moist and not too sweet, with smatterings of raisins and orange, paired off well with the vanilla ice cream.

The chocolate brownie was lacklustre though. I found it rather dry and overall, uneventful.
(As much as I'm a chocoholic - I'd probably just order the Bread and Butter Pudding for dessert the next time I go to Marmalade)

(Jan 2008)

If you passed by the main Mont Kiara area and noticed that Marmalade is missing from it's spot near the Baskin Robbins/ Coffee Bean- Do not fret!

It has not closed down... but has relocated to inside Plaza Mont Kiara (ie. that tall office building which is just across the road from its original location). Have not tested out the food there yet but so far, have not heard any complaints.
(So, let's conclude that the food continues to be decent - not great, but fairly reasonable for the taste and price charged)


So it's: Homey, comfortable setting with a cute section for children, healthy range of food BUT hits and misses on the menu and rather expensive drinks.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Marmalade @ Mont Kiara

Taste: 6
Ambience : 7
Service : 6
Price** : RM 36/++ per person
Parking: Ok + FREE!

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-6201 1743
Opening Hours: 11.00am - 10.30pm


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  1. you lost me on this review the moment you mentioned play area for kids. from that point onwards, that's all i thought about haha

  2. Ee-yeer.
    So borderline paedophilic.

  3. The beef stew is goooooooood :D And the salads come highly recommended esp when you wanna eat healthy but dont want to starve yourself with tasteless veges - Havana salad i think it is called, Pat LOVES it :)

    As for the bread and butter pudding, Lenny would put his hands up in agreeing it's heavenly :D

    I really like the ambience there and I agree - the drinks are VERY overpriced! I love Marmalade as a lazy Sunday lunch place.

    Now if only I live a stone's throw away * envies Pat & Boon *

  4. must try their carrot cake and oreo cheesecake next time!

  5. to Bluryee:
    Damn... I should have ordered the beef stew/ salad! - Will make it a point to do so next time.

    to Boo:
    Don't tempt me laaaa!

  6. eh, you mix me up with Babe_kl. Yeah, the chicken pie is the dry kind, not the one flowing with sauce. Forgot to mention that!

  7. to boo:
    Oops - SORRY!
    It's obviously a case of too much work (strained eyes) + typo cursed fingers.

    Hope you (and Babe_kl) won't be angry with this case of mistaken identity......

  8. Went there for breakfast and they had some interesting the patio-like outdoors...and you get juice & coffee for some of the breakfast combos...

  9. to tihtahpah:
    Mmm... sounds like you had a good start to the day.
    Haven't tried the breakfast combos here, must do so soon....

  10. Looks like a really nice place!:D
    Any fishy stuffs? :)

  11. to christy:
    Well, I'm pretty sure they have 1 or 2 items with smoked salmon (and a fish and chips on the kids menu? - this one not so sure) but I don't remember seeing any fish dishes on their menu.

    I'll have another good look the next time I go there and update here if there are anything interesting fish dishes, ok?
    Oh, or you can tell me if you manage to try out Marmalade before I go there next!

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  13. interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone hear that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.


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