Monday, June 05, 2006

TICK tock TICK tock...

(A short review of a play)

Watched the new Joe Hasham play, The Fastest Clock in The Universe, at the KLPAC with Pat, SooJ, Chen and some others on Sunday afternoon...
(Thanks for organising, SooJ!)

Overall, I liked the play as it was very different....

When they said it is only suitable for mature audiences, they were NOT kidding. Dark, melancholic, murderous, incentous, in denial, paedophilic and abusive, with a healthy dose of a love, hate and homosexuality in a tight 2 x 1 hour package. All this, with NO prop/ set changes and only five cast members: Gavin Yap, Ari Ratos, Joanna Bessey, Niki Cheong and Faridah Merican.
Gavin Yap: Smokin' Hot

I enjoyed Ari and Faridah's characters and performances but thought that Joanna and Niki's were a little typical and weak... I suppose they served their purpose though.

I ESPECIALLY enjoyed Gavin's performance as the brooding modern day Dorian Gray.... but I am sure that has nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that he started off the play wearing nothing but a pair of boots, sunnies and a pair of jeans that hugged his buns in a very complimenting manner....
Oh, and not that I want to go on about it, but his hard, chiseled abs (all 6 of them) were definately a sight to behold.
(Sadly, after about 10 minutes, he put a shirt and jacket on - yes, I was upset for the rest of the show)

Was very tempted to take photos of him (not that I wanted to be a perve or anything like that... it would have been for YOUR benefit la) but was seated behind Joe Hasham and didn't want to get caught.

(Erm. Shall stop ranting now)

I really don't want to put in any spoilers until after the show has finished its run (it's on from June 2 till 11, 2006) so I'll sum it up as this:
Worth a watch for RM50/ RM30. It's a play that is funny yet dark and is very different. It will make you think, and everyone will get a different meaning from it due to its subjective nature. Oh, and please watch with an open mind - homophobes and painfully conservative people should probably stay away, for your own sakes.
(I know Pat, SooJ and Chen are already mentally scarred from one particular scene that involves magazines, pants and a certain hand)
*Pat, SooJ and Chen scream in chorus*

Summary Info:
Name of Play - The Fastest Clock In The Universe
Venue - The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC)
Dates - June 2 till June 11, 2006
Price - RM50 (adults) / RM30 (students, seniors, disabled)
Bookings - Online or Phone 2094 9400/ 4047 9000

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  1. all this hype.... I wana go see it now!!!!!!!!

    cuz it looks rebelious, and actiony.

    or is it gay?

  2. to B:

    It's the best of both worlds : rebellious, actiony AND gay!


  3. sounds like my kinda play. Except I'm not currently staying up in KL. Poo

  4. Found your blog searching for bloggers' opinions on this play (I'm watching it this Friday, the 9th). Just thought I'd say hi.

    Depending on where I'm seated maybe I should try about picture of topless Gavin, haha.

  5. to Merv:
    You'll just have to find some way to live with yourself since you are missing out on Gavin Yap's abs....

    Hey, I'm sure there're lots of great plays where you are...
    (You're staying in Singapore, right?)

    to synically_jaded:
    Oh, cool.
    Well, am glad you left a note after stumbling across my blog.
    I hope you enjoy the play this Friday and YES, PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS OF GAVIN'S ABS IF YOU CAN!
    (Oh, and then you should share them with me and the rest of the internet, k?)
    (Pssst, remember to go in early to get a good view - it's free seating)

  6. Yeah, I heard about Pentas 2 and the free seating, thanks for the tip.

    If I can get away with it without getting caught, I shall try... wish me luck ;)

    (hope my friend doesn't kill me when I attempt this, haha)

  7. to synically_jaded:
    You go girl! Best of luck in your mission....

    Remember: The end (result) justifies the means!
    (erm,... but don't get thrown out of the theater while you're at it, k?)

  8. I think Joanna's performance was great. That's just my opinion but other people thought she did great too. Your just so into Gavin that you might think he did the best. Is that what you think? They all did a great job of course but I think Niki doesn't have enough experience in acting

  9. to matrixgal:
    I admit that watching Gavin strut around the stage without a shirt(in all his muscled glory) may have swayed my objectiveness somewhat...

    Yeah,... I don't think anyone very obviously "did the best" - they all did well, but I remember thinking that Joanna and Niki's characters were a little weak.
    (Their acting was ok tho, I guess)

  10. Are you attending the Boh Cameronian Awards? I definitely am. It's the award show for theater. Fastest Clock in the Universe has nominees and so do others that were at KLPac and Actors Studio which you may or may not have seen.

  11. to matrixgirl:
    Hmmm... no.
    I'm not much of an awards show sorta girl so I don't think I will be attending that.
    (I hope you have lots of fun there!)
    I do hope that the Fastest Clock will win some awards though! I really liked that play.


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