Wednesday, June 28, 2006

~ Happy Belated Anniversary ! ~

How quickly a year passes by.....
It feels like only yesterday that the 5 of us (*wink* A holler to the original dinner group buddies!) decided that our seemingly endless gastronomic rut at the mamak was getting a bit old and decided to make it a point to try out new restaurants every weekend.

Little did we know that the new tradition would continue on after that first dinner on the 30th of April 2005, with our weekly dinner group expanding to as many as 25 people on a good night.
(Of course, sometimes we have had as few as 2 people on a bad night but we'll still go on with the dinner anyway....)

It's been great - chatting over wine and lamb cutlets instead of Maggi Goreng and Milo Ais, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. It's been kinda sad too - definately a sign that we are taking yet another step away from our more laidback teenage/ uni years and into our corporate/ yuppie years, don't you think?
(In other words: OMG, we're getting OLD!)

I am sad that I could not make it for our Anniversary Dinner at Sao Nam.... but oh well, there'll always be next year.


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Keep up the great work.

  2. to boo:
    Thanks - You too!

    (I love how you have great recipes in your blog too - I only know how to eat, dunno how to cook... *guilty grin*)

  3. procrastination bad!

    "but oh well, there'll always be next year.


  4. to Soo Jin:
    OI! Nothing to do with procrastination laaaaaah - I'm in Kuching so cannot make it for the dinner.


  5. but the thought that you had that there's always next year =)

    that's something like that..

  6. to Soo Jin:
    I meant it more like:
    *takes a deep breath*
    "I'm sad that I can't make it for the dinner this year since I'm away for work but I hope that this new tradition will go on and on and with that in mind, I'm consoling myself by looking forward to the next anniversary dinner in 2007".

    Did you go for the dinner anyway?


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