Thursday, June 29, 2006

OO I've Been Tagged OO

Good morning................
I've been tagged!

4 alcoholic beverages I enjoy from time to time:
1. Copius amounts of red wine,
2. Armagnac,
(Tried it once and fell in love with it - anyone know where to find a good bottle in Malaysia tho?)
3. A great classic Margarita,
4. Cold beer on a hot day,
5. Vodka with Orange Juice
6. A good 25 year old Whiskey on ice,
7. Gin tonic,
8. Champagne......
Waitaminute... I was supposed to stop at 4, right?

4 fantastic destinations I would like to go to on vacation before I pass out:
(So many places I haven't been, so I'm a bit greedy in this category)
1. Egypt,
(Pyramids and mummies and the Temple of Ra)
2. All of Europe,
3. South America,
(I especially want to visit Che Guevara-Land)
4. South Africa.
(Want to see Victoria Falls at least once in my life)

4 celebrities I would like to go on a big date with:
(Pssssst. Baby - Don't get jealous, k?)
1. Brad Pitt,
(Don't laugh la - I know it's typical, but childhood celebrity crushes are hard to squash)
2. Sebastian the MPO violinist,
(If only to find out whether the signature on the photo Pat and Al gave me is real)
3. Takeshi Kaneshiro,
4. Nik Aziz/ George Bush.
(so that I can club him on the head)

4 gadgets I do not have, which I would like to have:
1. LG Chocolate mobile phone,
(If only because of the name)
2. Spiffy new 12 megapixel digital camera,
3. A watch that can stop and start time,
(Muahaha - The endless mischief I could dabble in! Erm,... does that count as a gadget anyway?)
4. A chocolate making machine that comes with a built in anti-cellulite/ fat busting function.
(Can someone please make this machine a reality?)

4 “poor souls” tagged:
1. S
2. Pat
3. Lenny
4. Sneexe

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  1. Hi Chocolate girl,
    Wow! It's seems that Sebastian is the hottest vilionist in Malaysia! He's considered as Dr Sheikh Muszaphar among the MPO players. Well, I dun get jealous. I enjoy classical music no matter who plays it.
    Nik Aziz, I come from the same state. So we are both Kelantanese :)

  2. to iris:
    Well, hello there! Seems we have some common interests...
    Ok. We won't have a catfight.. Let's both enjoy the music and "cuci mata" from afar lah....

  3. Hey,
    Are you going for this weekend show at DFP?

  4. to iris:
    Am saving up so that I can go visit my friend in London (hopefully) this year. So, I've had to cut back on a lot of "nice to have/ do" things....

    Hope you have fun though!

  5. i want to attend for Lost in Space Show but the ticket is sold out since September :(
    I'm going to Italy this year and hoping to watch classical show there. I'm already getting bored with MPO (sorry MPO...hahaha).

  6. Sorry girls but I hear Sebastian is happily married to a spanish babe and has left the MPO!

  7. to Iris:
    I hope the Italian classical show was all you hoped it would be. :)
    (I'm so jealous! I wish I could go watch it too)

    to anonymous:
    Why, God, WHY?? :( *wail sob sob*

    It's fine. I'll fine some way to live without my MPO eye candy. :)
    (Thanks for juicy gossip/ info though)

  8. you're welcome... i am sure you'll find other eye candy at the mpo... yup, sebastian is living in Spain now with his wife. My sources tell me they met in KL, where they were both working and decided to leave everything behind and move to the spanish countryside! Sounds romantic, huh?

  9. to anonymous:
    Awww... that's SO romantic! :)

    Wah - a bit like a movie though huh? Whirlwind romance between a girl and a violinist where they decide to run away together.


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