Friday, June 30, 2006

** Friday Exhibitionism **

In a sudden fit of exhibitionism (and also because there is really nothing else interesting happening in my life right now), I will share the picture of my bruise with you all:

How low my blog has sunk for me to be posting up photos of my knee?

Is this stage one of turning into a blog bimbo, I wonder?
(You know, the kind of person whose blog has nothing but oodles of photos of themselves posing and practically no actual content)

Will worry about that later.
Now: I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille.
*bats eyelashes*


Happy Friday,

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Anonymous said...


julie said...

wahh.. wat happened to ur knee? u play football too ka?!


get well soon.. :)

J said...

to anonymous:
Yeah, I know.
It hurts.

to Julie:
Haha. Thanks.
I wish I were that talented! - I am a 100% "kaki bangku".

Ooohhh. So who are you supporting in the big game?

boo_licious said...

ouch! That looks really painful. I think you better feed it lots of yummy food so the pain will go away.

B said...

more leg, less jibba jabba

J said...

to Boo_licious:
That's great advice.
I shall start eating more chocolate immediately to alleviate the pain!

to B:
Perve! - There's more to me than just my legs, ok?

B said...

yes, where was my're more then legs.

J said...

to b:
I wouldn't be the total package if I wasn't...
(Ah, seem to have misplaced my modesty)

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