Friday, June 09, 2006

**~ Next Stop: The Land of Bad Cosplay ~**

I have found more bad cosplay in one place than I will probably need to see in a lifetime.... Kudos to the peeps who put this database together though - at least it is arranged systematically with the person's piccy and the name of the character they are SUPPOSED to look like placed next to it for easy reference.

Want a peek?
Exhibit 1:
Supposed to be - Sizer from Violinist Of Hamelin

Exhibit 2:
Supposed to be - Sailor Galaxia from Sailormoon

Exhibit 3:
Supposed to be - Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII

Huh? What do you mean that you don't see any similarity at all?
Silly humans, you just don't understand cosplaying.
It's not a deluded person in a homemade costume - it's a way of life!


I really do not mean to pick on these passionate anime/ manga lovers who have obviously put a lot of money + time + effort into their costumes and are dedicating it as a homage to their favourite characters but if they think they look anything at all like those characters then they have another thing coming....
(Definately a severe case of imagination > common sense)

Still not satisfied with just these 3 photos?
Head on over to this site to satiate your bad cosplay addiction.

In any case, Happy Friday y'all!

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