Thursday, June 22, 2006

Parking Mad

After spending some time in Kuching, I'm beginning to notice something strange about the people here... Yup, it's becoming very clear to me that: (The majority of the) People here don't know how to park their cars.

Hey.... don't look at me that way la! I'm not making this up... It's true:

Not so bad.....

Really bad - Shame on you! *hissss*

(And these are only 2 of many, many, many examples)

Seriously, is it that Kuching-ites just don't really care about their fellow citizens? I mean, I know it's not as congested as KL yet but it is still quite hard to find empty spots in certain parts of the town. So, don't you think that it's inconsiderate to park in one and a half parking lots?
So selfish!

Luckily people in Kuching are nicer and generally, more "chin-chai" (easygoing).
If you did such a thing in the KL/ PJ area, most likely:
1) Your car will be scratched,
2) Your tires will be punctured, OR
3) All of the above.

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"Kyaaaa.....yarghhhhhhhhh! Take that and thatandthatandthat."

Well... fine, maybe it won't be as bad as the photo above, but you get the point, right?

Ok la.
Give you the benefit of the doubt - maybe no one told you before so I'll tell you now.
FYI: You are supposed to park WITHIN* the designated lines of the parking bay.
(*WITHIN meaning that your car should be in between two lines painted on the road, not three or more)

Another public service announcement brought to you by,

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