Wednesday, June 14, 2006

~ Phwoaaaar! ~

So how come they don't have restaurants like this in Malaysia?:


Well,.. Kuching's been great so far.
S has been a great hostess, taking time out of her busy schedule to take me out for dinner at a new Italian restaurant called Oregano in the Travilion Commercial Center last night.

I didn't actually take any photos.... so not sure whether I'll do a proper review.
Overall, the restaurant was pretty good..... but there were no butlers/ waiters like in the news article linked above.
(*sigh*.... Oh well, you can't always have it all, I guess...)


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  1. hee hee, that will definitely sell in KL too!

  2. to Boo:
    Yeah, I think so too... Wanna cooperate to start up this innovative new venture in KL/ PJ?

    You can do the cooking and I can... erm... interview the waiters!

  3. dammit. have i been gone from home so long? i didn't realize there's a travilion commercial center in kuching!!!

  4. to Merv:
    Well,.. it's still pretty new so that's probably why you don't know about it.

    Still, come back to Malaysia more often la.... oh, and bring your care bear with you.

  5. hehe i'm going home to kuching next year. up to kl in a few months time (i got up every few months). Malaysia is still the country i spill my blood on! hehe


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