Tuesday, June 06, 2006

/~\ Volcano Nuggets /~\

When they said that the new special edition Spicy McNuggets are well, spicy, they really were not kidding.
The 2006 World Cup Special Edition McDonald's Spicy McNuggets!
(Wow, what a mouth full)

One bite of it and you will instantly be hit by the pungeant and hair-raising amount of pepper and chili powder they have laced into this innocent looking morsel of fried chicken.
(I some how managed to fight my way through the 9 pieces that I had very greedily bought)
(Oh, and please note that the comment on spicy-ness was true with my particular batch of nuggets - maybe it will vary somewhat with others so if you do NOT feel your nerve endings sear within the first nugget or two, don't look at me in an accusatory manner, k?)

I must say, during this coming foortball season, it will probably play an integral role in laddish "Haha, let's see how many you can eat until your face goes beet red/ you lose all sensation in your tongue/ pass out" games.

Still, it was a fun experience with no fatalities....
(The burning sensation in my mouth went away eventually)


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