Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Meet My Other Best Friend: Coffee

Hmmm,.. as much as I love chocolate... I must say, that the one thing I truly could not live without would be coffee.....
I'm not addicted... I can stop ANYtime *nervous smile*

Yeah, I know it is bad.... yellows my teeth (my dentist has complained numerous times)... blabla.... but how could I possibly stay awake without it??

So, how much do I have in a day?
Let's see:
1) First cup in the morning when I get into office,
2) Another cup or two after lunch to ward off the dreaded "After-Lunch Syndrome",
3) One more at about 4pm to keep me awake till the evening, and
4) (Optional) A cup at about 10.30pm to keep me up, when working late.

I think I'm still far away from actually killing myself from an overdose of caffeine though... According to the Death By Caffeine Calculator, I can still have another 66.96 cups of instant coffee before I croak!

*flashes coffee stained smile*
Aaah, my Nescafe, how you comfort my soul.

Caffeine is F-U-N! Wheeeeeeeeeeee.............
Work, unfortunately, is not. Booooo........ Hisss.....

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  1. you need a job at a chocolate factory .. hahaha

  2. to B:
    Babe, I have been to heaven and back! It's just that if I got a job there (at a choc factory) then there would be severe and permanent consequences on my figure.
    Happy&Fat vs Unhappy&Not So Fat - the eternal battle.

  3. I'd love ya, any way that you looked,, big fat, rolly pollly,,,,,just aslong as you are tickelish ;)

  4. to B:
    Thanks - that's really reassuring coming from the man who asked me to post up more photos of my legs.


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