Thursday, June 29, 2006

Help. My Ego Is Broken

Oh man.
Feel so shy.....

Dunno what's wrong with me today - I pretty much tripped up over my own feet and fell down in the office today.... I have no idea how it happened - one second I'm happily walking along then the next I see the ground rushing up towards my face.
I am such a klutz!

If nobody saw me, it wouldn't be so bad but since I had a small audience, my self esteem has taken a beating.
(It is very hard to look graceful and poised when something like that happens lah)

I procured a big, black, ugly bruise on my knee from the fall but went and sadistically massaged it, hoping to make the blood clot go away magically. Now, joy of joys, it has evolved into an even larger red bump.


Am still massaging it anyways, despite the pain.
(Pleasure from pain, Sneexe? Haha)

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  1. It's not just you. Look around. A lot of people are suddenly clumsy. Haven't you noticed? I think it's the first stages of Mad Cow.

  2. Ouch! That totally sucks =( And the bruise too

  3. to marquisdejolie:

    to merv kwok:
    Yeah - Somehow my ego hurts much more than my knee.

  4. Wow, ur a moron.


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