Friday, June 16, 2006

~ Eat And Run ~

Had my first bowl of honest to goodness, authentic Kolo Mee/ Kolok Mee for lunch today and mmmmmMMmm, it was glorious..... GER-LORE-REE-YERRRS.

*fade in*
Fresh hand made noodles, cooked to perfection..... topped with generous amounts of minced meat and roasted pork, coated in a savoury sauce with a hint of vinegar that added that little bit of zing to the tastebuds.
*fade out*

I ate at a little Chinese coffee shop called Min Heng on Carpenter Street.
Once again,.. no piccies as I was in the company of colleagues.
I am currently leading a double life as I try as much as possible to keep my blogscapades away from my day job.

Rest assured, the Kolo Mee here is worth a try - tasty and a big serving for under RM4!
(The iced coffee is not bad too)

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