Friday, June 23, 2006

~ Irony ~

I finally visit Kuching (albeit, for work) and it just happens to be around the time when S is going to KL for holiday....
.... and when is it that she's flying back to Kuching?

I'll tell you when!: After 2 weeks, which is exactly when I will be flying back to KL.

Talk about bad timing.....

Still, promises have been made and I will still get my bowl of delicious, authentic Sarawak Laksa (at an undisclosed location) this Saturday before she flies off to KL.
(Thanks, S, you're a doll!)
(Pssst... if enough space in my stomach after that, I want to go for a round of Kolo Mee, k? *greedy grin*)

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Merv Kwok said...

Golden Arch Mall? There's good laksa there lol

J said...

Golden Arch Mall?
*scribbles it down in the "to-eat" list*

Thanks for the recommendation!
Any other exemplary food in Kuching to recommend?

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