Monday, August 07, 2006

25 Candles....

Another year, another candle,
Another 365 worries to handle.
Wanna help me make my day?
Go on - Send some presents my way.
(Look! It rhymes)

I am not old.
Really I'm not.
25 in still very, very young.

That's right.
*conveniently ignores wrinkles and other worry lines on face*

I feel like I'm sailing precariously quickly away from that thing called "Youth".
Funny how it passes by so quickly!
Well,.. now is a time for celebration and happiness.
I shall leave the mopey, depressive stuff for later.

Hope you all have a great day too.


To my darling bunch of ex-colleagues who sent me SMSes a bit too early because they thought my birthday was on Friday: "Thanks anyway! It's the thought that counts *hugs*",
... and to everyone who emailed/ called/ SMSed me today: "Thanks! *hugs* Love you too!"

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  1. Hey there Happy Birthday To You!

  2. Ooo! Happy Birthday Chocobabe!

  3. and here I was.. thinking and thinking and thinking the whole morning.. gotta call joa.. gotta call joa
    and when i'm free i forget..

    you're still early 20's.. =P
    it's not so bad

  4. Happy Birthday, J.
    May all your 25 birthday wishes come true. ;)
    Have a great day & take care!

    HUGZ..specially for the birthday girl. :p

  5. only a quarter century young. still a long long way to go! :D


    and just to make your day,
    here's a present coming your way...


    hope you liked it :)

  7. happy birthday young girl!!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope your have a delicious one....

  9. happy burpday J!!!!! wahhh a lot of peeps burpday in Aug :)

  10. to ~theangel~:
    Thank you for the birthday wishes...

    to merv kwok:
    (Oooooh - I'm a babe? Woo hoo!)
    Thanks Mervy.

    to soo jin:
    No probs, man....
    It's the thought that counts - besides, if you really feel very very guilty then you can go out and get me a extra special birthday present.

    to jemima:
    *BIG HUG back*
    Thanks - I hope my wish will come true too!
    (It's not impossible for me to win a million dollar lottery, right? - oooh... think of all the chocolate that could buy...)

    to KY:
    Haha... thanks - that's what I try to console myself with too.
    (Still so much to see and do and eat in the world!)

    to laksa:
    Buaya! - taking advantage of me like that....
    Haha - kidding.
    Thanks for the present.

    to wingz:
    (Me?? - young girl? Tee hee hee *deluded smile*)
    Thank you!

    to hungryox:
    I hope so too...

    to babe_kl:
    Thank you...
    (Hee hee hee - yeah, August is a very fertile month, isn't it?)

    TO ALL (in general)
    Oh, I feel so much love in the Comment Box - Thank you, thank youuuuu....!
    (Presents would be nice too... *hinthint*)

  11. very sorry. i guess i am the last person to wish you a happy birthday. please forgive me.

    present? i do not know what u like.
    let me just give you lots of KISSES & HUGS. hope you do not mind. ;)

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  13. over here in Canada the celebration has commenced. We would like to formerly, and informally like to invite you J, to the J Canadian birthday extravaganza. We have food, drinks, animals (that’s me and my cat), whole bunch of stuff, and a cake filled with a dancing, singing, and dwarf. If you do not show up, we will be forced to kidnap you!

    p.s. b.y.o.c.


  14. to ah beng:
    Thanks for the wishes and the hugs and kisses.

    to b:
    Sounds like a great party - you have a few more hours to kidnap me in time for the celebration.
    I'll be waiting.... so save some alcohol for me!

    to dani:
    Well, thanks anyway for the birthday wishes, stranger.

  15. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you get lots of people spending u makan and tons of pressies.

  16. to Boo_licious:
    Haha... I hope so too!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes...

  17. Hey J, Happy Belated Birthday! May All Your Wishes Come True :)

  18. i'm very broke


    spent like 300 over the weekend doing nothing much..


  19. to meiyen:
    (Any yummy cake for me though?)

    to william luu:
    It's ok if it's a little late...

    to soo jin:
    Wah lau.... how come?
    Erm... you got me a 300 buck present?
    *hopeful grin*

  20. happy burthday girl !! dam somethings wrong with this comment box, this was meant to come out on monday :P

  21. to ken:
    It's ok - A bit late is better than not at all....

    So, thanks for the birthday wishes!


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