Monday, August 28, 2006

Selamat Pagi

Random thoughts from a Chocoholic's head (pre-coffee on a Monday morning):

  • Arrrghh, where did the weekend go? How come it's Monday so quickly?
  • Weekend was fun though - Wow, can't imagine that I've known Z for so long already. He was so sweet to give a belanja for his birthday.
  • Hmmmm,... where's my coffee?
  • Last few days till my transfer - fear + excitement, what a combination!

Anyways, ... I'm putting the finishing touches on my La Suisse review so shall put it up soon...

Till then,

Ps/ Yes, yes, this is SO a filler post... *pout* ... Am having severe blogger's block - how to cure? :(

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Wuching said...

u can blog about the weekend!

SekSun said...

My My... bloggers bloc.. what to do??? go malaysian style... blog about food, what else.

J said...

to wuching and seksun:
They're both very good ideas...
... so I shall do both at once:
A post on the weekend (sort of lah - it was Friday) AND food.

DonkeyBlog said...

I dunno ... coffee might be a good place to start.

hey, do they have Au bonne Paine in KL? I love this place in BKK - yummy coffee

J said...

to donkeyblog:
*slurp*... Coffee is my friend.
(Can't stay awake without it)

Au Bonne Paine?
Hmmm, no - I don't think we have it here in KL....
(What is it? A specialty cafe or one of those mega corporate franchises?)

DonkeyBlog said...

Umm I think moderate corporate franchise ... only a few in the world, I think. Kind of a bit more fancy-pants than your average green and black coffee outlet decor ... actually, I ended up there as the only place I could find other than the big SB! Good food there - that's what was gerd!

Ah, here we go ... maybe it'd help if I got the name right; au bon paine! According web, it means "the place of good bread" in French (corny) - see for yourself:

J said...

to donkeyblog:
(Had a look at the website)
Mmmm... the food there looks good!
Sadly they don't have any outlets in Malaysia - for us, it's just the Beans and the Bucks and a few other smaller franchises.

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