Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thank You God

I have heard first hand from my friend that Michelle has been found by some very kind people in Bangsar, who have sent her to the hospital....
(Further details can be found in Michelle's friend's blog)

It's funny - I actually don't know her personally - she's just my friend's cousin.... but the whole situation has really struck a chord in my heart....

I know, hundreds of girls go missing in Malaysia everyday (it's a real tragedy) and sadly, some of them are never found. I prayed anyway and thank the Gods, she has been found and is now safely back in her family's care...

We all need these small miracles in our lives.
(If only they happened more often)

Anyway, to Michelle, if you ever come across this:
I hope you feel better soon.
Remember not to think to deeply and dwell on the past... All that is history - the most important thing is the future.
(Time heals all wounds, as corny as that sounds)
And remember, even though you have to make it a point to be more careful in the future, do not be afraid to live your life to the fullest.

With love,

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  1. its scary to think this all happened in Cheras. suddenly we're not safe anymore. especially to us girls. Thank God Michelle is ok.

  2. Sorry,,i din see any link to email you. Just wanna let you know i'm linking your blog to mine..hope that's alright with you...nice blog!

  3. omg, thank god that she's now safely back at home! by da way, how did that happened?

  4. Your prayers have been answered... and since you're at it...keep praying for health, wealth and happiness..

  5. to cheng sim:
    It just shows that we girls can not let our guard down - must try to be extra careful where ever we go.
    (It's sad that the world is this way though)

    to tihtahpah:
    Oh... yeah...
    Sorry - I don't post my email here.
    No probs, link away.
    (In fact, thanks for linking me)

    to meiyen:
    Well,.. it's a long story... but apparently her last memory was getting into a cab (to go home after her job interview, I guess).

    I don't want to make any assumptions... I'm just thankful that she is safe now.

  6. to hungryox:
    I have been praying for those for a long time but I suppose only sincere prayers for things that are not directly for your own benefit will tend to come true.

    (A big thank you - in alphabetical order - to Allah, Brahma, Buddha, Jesus, Shiva, Vishnu and all you cosmic beings up there)

  7. I'm so glad to know she's been found. When I read your post yesterday & also Kenny Sia's, I forwarded the links to all my pals. That's the least I could do to help.

    You're a wonderful person with a kind heart, J. I wish there are more caring people like you around in this cruel world. HUGS!

  8. to jemima:
    I really didn't do that much - just the same as you: I did what I could to help.
    *hugs back*
    (stay safe, girl!)

  9. thank god she's safe and back with her loved ones.

    always remember, ladies, be careful when you go out. especially those living in big cities like kl.

    not everyone has caring souls - some carry ill intentions and you never can tell what lies in their hearts. best thing to carry would be pepper sprays and personal alarms in the handbags...

  10. :) smile, thats all i can do.

  11. to laksa:
    Yeah... thank God indeed for this miracle.

    Unfortunately, where there's a(n evil) will, there's a way. Us ladies can minimise the danger but never actually eliminate it.

    to jenhan:
    Smile and the whole world smiles with you, I guess....

  12. glad she's found. these things strike close to our hearts. hope she gets better soon.

  13. to suanie:
    Yeah... me too.
    (Thanks for dropping by)
    (... and sorry for just linking the info on your blog comment box like that - it was an emergency at that the time)

  14. i m working in cheras... that's why i feel really scary...

    really thank god that she is safe now. hope whoever bastard that hurts her will get punish.

  15. maybe you can ask michelle's cousin to tell the people whom she asked for help that Michelle has been found. I see some bloggers posting up the news on Wednesday.. AFTER michelle was found...

  16. to cely:
    I hope so too - hope that the guilty person (whoever it is) will get a fitting punishment.

    Anyway, take care and stay safe! - it's not just Cheras, it's pretty much the whole world that is dangerous now.

    to anonymous:
    Oh man, really?
    Well, it was done with good intentions - it's just probably better to update those late postings to minimise confusion.

    Do you remember whose blogs you saw it in though?

  17. Aww... thank you, guys... I'm so touched... =) I'm alive and well... thank You, Jesus!

  18. to michsue:
    Yeah. :) *hugs*
    You take care, ok? :)


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