Monday, August 21, 2006


I don't usually post up stuff from emails like this (as you can never really tell whether it is true unless you have seen it in the newspapers) but this is my friend's cousin, so please take it seriously and help out if you can...


Hi Everyone,

This is Jessica Wong. My cousin Michelle has been missing since Friday (18/08/2006) around 5 pm and has not contacted any of her family members since then.

We have reported to the police station and also to the MCA service centre in Cheras and also post her missing news all over her blog and also email all the friends email that we have.

We really need your help to send out as many emails/ smses/ etc to everyone possible.

If anyone of you seen have her, please kindly call me (Jessica) at 012-653 2114, her father (Mr Tai) at 017-8835 118 or her brother (Kelvin) at 012-3080 670.

Please help as this has very urgent and we are all very worried about her.

She was reportedly last seen in Cheras near Leisure Mall around 5 - 6 pm (on Friday) and was said to be wearing pink top and dark bottoms (pants/ skirt - not sure).

These are photos of her:

Please help us as we are really desperate already.

Jessica Wong


NAME: Michelle Kirsten Tai Sue Ping
AGE: 21
FEATURE: Long hair - just off her shoulders,with
fringe, big eyes, pouty lips, fair skinned, and
is wearing a gold necklace with a key pendant
given to her by her mom.
HEIGHT: About 5' 5" / 5' 6"
SHOE SIZE (dunno if this will help): 8 but she wears 9

More Info On What Happened:-
Michelle told a few people she was going for an interview around / in Cheras Leisure Mall on Friday, 5pm and had been missing till now.

We tried calling her on her cell but did not succeed to get through. It would be either out of coverage or the voice mail. Several of friends sms-ed her. Many did not get any reply, but one did.

The sms said that the phone (digi sim) has been picked up near Cheras and the replier doesn't know who it belongs to. The replier also added that the phone will be handed to the police and he/she was in Malacca then. Till now, there are no news.

Imagine if this is your daughter/ sister/ cousin/ friend....
Wouldn't you want her back safely?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, guys.
(Let's all pray this turns out well)


Ps/ DO NOT PRANK CALL the family members, for goodness sake - they are in enough anguish already. If you do, I swear, Karma WILL come and bite you in the ass some day soon, causing inexplicable pain to you, both mental and physical. Thank you very much.

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  1. this has been the 3rd case i've came across - girls missing.. all from cheras.. what is happenning ??

  2. to cely:
    It's so scary, isn't it?

    I really pray to God that she will be found safely soon...
    (Do forward these details to your friends and family - maybe someone you know has seen her?)

  3. Cely,
    Don't blame people in cheras ler, heheh I've nothing to do with these MIAs. I remember Ducky did post of this Michelle Tai being missing last weekend.

  4. to mob1900:
    I guess I'm slower than your friend Ducky then - I only found out about this from my friend today and posted it up immediately...

    Better late then never though, right?
    (Anyway, glad to hear you have nothing to do with "these MIAs". Do keep an eye out though.... Thanks....)

  5. shit.. i hope she gets found alright.. i'll pray for her..

  6. to Merv:
    Thanks, Mervy.
    I'll definately pray too.... and I'm not even usually the praying kind...
    (This is a good enough reason to start though, I think)

  7. Found her already right? Someone tagged on her shoutbox saying she's in hospital now?

    Not quite sure whether it's true or not.. but check it out on her blog

  8. ducky said found her ledi!!!

  9. to jess and wingz:
    (I had a look at the Shoutbox already)
    I dunno...
    I really hope to God that the info is true (I mean, at least she's been found - just pray that she's not hurt) but I generally do not believe stuff coming from anonymous people.

    I think I'm going to leave this post up until I can check the details with my friend (one of Michelle's cousins) at a more decent hour in the morning.
    (Dowan to disturb him now)

  10. well..
    that was.. ..
    i don't know..
    it's good that she's found (if this is true ler)

    godless person like will just have to say.. ermm.. thank the stars?

  11. I believe the news is genuine because ducky has already confirmed it in his latest entry. He did mentioned he is somewhat related to her after all. I'm glad she's okay now.

  12. to soo jin:
    What's the word you are looking for? Drama, izzit?
    (Why aren't you sleeping anyway, SooJ?....)
    Anyway,... yeah, thank the stars - it's great news that she's safe.

    to anthraxxxx:
    Yeah... I'm glad to hear that she's safe too.
    I guess I'm just a little hard to convince, that's all - I thought Ducky got the info from the Anonymous guy from the shoutbox on Michelle's blog... and like I said, I generally don't believe anonymous commenters.

  13. you have a nice blog by the way :D

  14. ey? michelle? she came out on kosmo papers today? found dy ar? u sure? cepat nya. where was she??

  15. to sher:
    Yeah... Michelle has been found already.
    (Thank God for that)

    I'm not sure about the newspaper though - Sorry, I don't read Kosmo.

  16. Man~ She has been found for almost a year and the forwarded emails are still circling around internationally till people in Brunei even received this. Anyway, God blessed her~ peace out~

  17. to mavaero:
    On one hand:
    WOW - people care enough to forward this email till as far as Brunei.

    On another hand:
    Oh dear - it's turned into spam mail!

    Oh well, better to look on the bright side, right? - Michelle's been found and that's such a blessing.
    (Thank God for that - there are really too few good things happening in the world nowadays)

  18. she wasn't missing at all.. most prob she wanted to get away from her controlling parents and went rogue for awhile, and his idiot of a cousin made this whole case blown out of proportion... in anyway i suspect tat this girl is going to get the rest of the karma biting up her arse..

  19. to theSpy:
    Really? - Do you know this for a fact or is are you just making a wild guess?

  20. =.=" missing? i always "lepak" at there... she follow a boy..

  21. to anonymous:
    Wow - 4 years later and this story is still getting "spicier"....

  22. Wow, I don't even know you guys and you guys clearly do not know me... so why made up lies about me? What did I ever do to you? o_O Anyway, I posted What REALLY Happened... five years ago:

  23. To MichSue:
    Hi. We've never met but I posted this up cos ur cousin asked me to help... Sorry all these random/anonymous people kept putting weird comments. I try not to delete comments (unless they contain expletives) but if it makes u uncomfortable, I will delete them. Just tell me ok? :)

  24. It's okay, babe. I know it ain't your fault... =) Don't worry about it. It's your blog so I shouldn't tell you what to keep or delete. You don't need to delete the comments, actually. At least I did respond to those comments by posting the link to the blog post that qualms the rumours.

    It's all good, no worries. Take it easy... ;)

  25. To MichSue: hmmmm ok. I'm really ok with it in this case though. So just tell me if u change ur mind. Anytime, ok? :)


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