Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kenot Sleep


Sitting here listening to Nirvana.
... I used to be so in love with Kurt Cobain.
Well, until he had that unfortunate encounter with the wrong end of a gun and took a dirt nap, that is.

My favourite song?
Erm... can't choose one actually - I think they're all nice.
In fact, I like most kinds of music - from hardcore industrial to jazz, from alternative rock to big band, from pop to classical, etc.
(As much as I'd like to, I still don't quite appreciate yodelling much though)


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  1. you're a fan of nirvana? really? i always had the impression you're the classical music type of girl...

    very good. very good indeed. :)

  2. to laksa:
    Well, like I said: I have a very varied taste in music.
    (I like alternative and I also like classical music, among others)

    I used to absolutely loooove Nirvana though.
    (And when I went through my more rebellious stage, it was Nine Inch Nails or nothing)


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