Monday, August 21, 2006

Isn't It Funny....

... how the simplest of words can cut SO deep, when it comes from certain people?

Isn't it also funny how this only happens because you care so deeply and completely for these particular people - that because they are so close to your heart, you are completely exposed and vulnerable to their every thought and opinion?

So, how to stop the pain?
Just stop caring, I suppose.

(Yeah, I'm not in a particularly peachy mood - I suspect it may be PMS)
(Later, I will attempt to reverse this with a healthy dose of positive thinking and chocolate but if that doesn't work then all bets are off)

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  1. You can never stop the pain by stopping to care or vice versa - no matter how long it takes, it will always come back. You can only try to lessen it but believe me, it's not easy. I know from experience.

    As for eating chocolate, it won't solve your problems, but it doesn't hurt anything either.

    Take care, J. HUGS!

  2. chocolates have been proven to make one happy so go on, eat them!

    as for your troubles, there is only so much that a friend can do - sometimes, you have to learn to let go...

  3. What's all this horrific propaganda that chocolate won't solve your problems? Bite your tongue, Jemima! ;)

  4. If somebody you treasure says something which (really) offends you, you shouldn't keep it under wraps! Say what you feel, and if that person doesn't value your feelings enough to get the relationship back on track, then there's nothing better than discovering (and getting rid of) what you thought was a two way ride and which was actually a one way ticket to nowhere all along.
    By the way, I love chocolates too!

  5. to jemima:
    Thanks dear.

    to laksa:
    Cool. Shall eat more chocolates.
    (Thanks for the validating my greediness)

    to donkeyblog:
    Hear, hear! - Chocolates will solve the world's sadness.
    Too much choccies may not be very good though....

    to anonymous (Schokokal):
    Yeah... but it wouldn't be right to just give up on a relationship so easily too, right?
    No one's perfect anyway....
    I dunno - maybe I'm just sensitive.
    (In any case,... great that you love chocolates too! It's always nice to meet a fellow chocoholic)

  6. "One cannot judge a person by words alone. Action speaks louder." Judge this person by the actions he has taken.

    Let the truth be spoken through action...a wise Ox said.

  7. ouch. Hey, hugs to you J. Hope the chocs do the trick =)

  8. to hungryox:
    "Moo moo mrooooo. Mooooo....."
    [ That's good advice. Thanks.... ]

    to merv:
    (The chocolate helped some what... maybe I should have a little more though)


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