Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Birthday Booty!

... as in "Goodies That I Got For My Birthday" so Perv-y ppl go elsewhere please!

This year, my darling friends have bestowed upon me:

The Entire Stash of Birthday Presents

There's something to make me laugh:

Snoopy! :)

Something to make me feel pretty:

A funky necklace...

Something to keep me sane in the office:

A Collection of Funny Quotes.
My favourite line so far: "Situation Desperate - Send Chocolate"

Something useful to fuel my addiction to taking photos:

A Canon Camera Battery

Something to make my lips more kissable:

Waaah... La Mer Lip Balm

And last but not least, CHOCOLATES!:

Yay! Chocolate! :)

Thanks everyone!
I really appreciate all your lovely, thoughtful presents.
It was also very nice of you all to come for dinner an celebrate with me (to those who couldn't make it - nvm, I understand... but it would have been great to have you there) .

And to darling P who not only provided all the booze but also the entire dinner:
Luv ya!
You have earned a million brownies points in everyone's books and infinite ones in mine.

Anyone out there feeling guilty that they forgot to get me a present?
No worries! - I will happily accept your presents anywhere from now till Aug 6, 2007.


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  1. You forgot to show off the kisses & hugs which everyone had given you for your birthday in your comment box. hehe ;)

  2. Many happy returns of the day J!!!

  3. to jemima:
    My bad.

    to babe_kl:


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