Monday, August 28, 2006

Such A Naughty Girl....

Last Friday, I was very naughty....
It's terrible when you know how bad it is to do something... but you do it anyway because it just feels so damn good....

What am I talking about?
Eating fa(s)t food lah, of course....

Some sins taste so goooood:
"Resistance is futile....," whispers the burger,"... you KNOW you want me!"

How bad was I?:
Double Cheeseburger : Roughly 580 calories, with 36gms of fat, 27gms of carbs and 38gms of protein each,
A small packet of French Fries : Roughly 250 calories, with 13gms of fat, 32gms of carbs and 2gms of protein,
A cup of soft drink : Roughly 260 calories, 0gms of fat, 66gms of carbs and 0gms of protein.
= 1,090 calories, 49gms of fat, 125gms of carbs and 39gms of protein!

That's scary....
It's about half of the daily calorie requirement in one meal......

I suppose it's ok if it's only once in a while though, right?

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  1. Very sinful??? Well, you're forgiven 'cos you have just confessed to everyone who reads your blog. LOL

    I must admit - once in a blue moon - I enjoy it too. hehe ;)

  2. We keep our daughter away from fast food so my wife was really mad at me when she learnt that I had taken her to the McD at the LCC terminal at KLIA yesterday.
    We were hungry and the red and yellow sign was so inviting.

  3. I know how u feel. Sometimes i get such a craving at 12 midnight so i take a 15 minute drive to the 24hr McD (these places shud be banned la) and ta pau a double cheese and a chocolate sunday. Then i spend the rest of the night feeling guilty and fat!!

  4. to jemima:
    So, you are guilty of the same sin too!
    Yeah... I guess once in a loooong while is ok, right?

    to adam:
    Oh well, it had to happen sooner or later...
    (I hope you and your wifey don't stress yourselves out too much over this)
    As long as your daughter understands why it's not healthy, she should be able to decide how to control herself - kids are very smart nowadays.

    to sabrina:
    Fast food is EVIL....
    There's something in it that makes it so addictive!

  5. Evil shmeeval! I'd kill for a red-hot BK beef injection ... I'd even welcome the hours of suffering from a disgustingly stodgy tummy and the guilt afterwards!

    Mmmm ... beeeef (...and spuds cooked in beef-flavoured oil ... Mmmm)!

    What? You're the ones who are actually eating the stuff, I only fantacize about it!

  6. to donkeyblog:
    Well,... Malaysia's only a short plane ride away.
    Quickly go buy a plane ticket and you can be on your way to making a dent on the bovine population.
    I may even buy you the local Ramli burger so you can get a taste of our local cow.

    to wuching:
    Caaaaan not!
    Afterwards kenot fit in my clothes then shy lerrr...

  7. a lil bit of sinful indulgence never killed anybody ;)

    i think! lol

    oooo double cheeseburger. i'm loving it!

  8. to merv:
    Yeah... but I'm already eating chocolates "once in a while"...
    (.. ok, maybe much more than once in a while...)
    ... so adding burgers into that equation could cause drastic changes to my waistline!

  9. hehehe, you ain't seen bad yet, baby - i've seen much much worse so you're not too bad ;)

    btw, i like that dig at star trek...resistance is futile...hehe

  10. to laksa:
    Live long and prosper!


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