Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Encounters With The Idiotic Kind

aka. Wildlife of Malaysia - Thugarious Stupidicus ....

Car park bullies - The underbelly of society.

We looked around for almost 40 minutes for that parking spot...just to lose it to some moron who decides that he's the reigning King of One Utama.
I hate to admit it, but we had to concede to the idiots in the end.

It would have been stupid not to anyway - you can't guard the car forever.
Meaning: You could very well win the battle but lose the damned war. Can you imagine how you would feel when come back to your car later and find that it's been vandalised?
(Look, if a person is idiotic enough to steal parking spots, he will definately be idiotic enough to "take revenge" too)

You know, it would have been almost acceptable if they said something like "Oh, we're so sorry - we're desperate because we are late for a movie"....
... but no. All they did was glower at my friend L and ask "What's your problem, harr?" (before yattering on in Mandarin) when she went to talk to them.

If only the government would extend neutering to selected humans to stop the tarnishing of the genetic pool....

Now, THAT's a cause I'd happily donate to every month.

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  1. Hear, hear - couldn't agree more.

    The country is filled with such morons and some form of genetic filtering is absolutely necessary.

  2. That's what I don't I like about Malaysia - bullies everywhere.

    Once, a man jumped queue in front of me at McD's when I was on holidays in Penang & when I pointed it out to him, he turned around & asked me who do I think I am.. #sigh#

  3. Omg, I think should classified them as Barbarians!!!!!!

  4. I am not sure why but people seem to be becoming more and more inconsiderate now-a-days. Not only inconsiderate but kiasu too.

  5. wah lan eh.. tat kind of ppl.. haha.. kick their ass man.. its just like the dog shit on your leg after he pee on your car... haha.. oledi become victim..need to be scold again..

  6. Jemina: did you try.. "someone with more manners than you, my parents thought me better"

    of course when you're 6'3" and 200 pounds saying that, they don't really argue all that much..


  7. to laksa:
    We can always hope that the government will come to its senses and implement it soon...
    ... I suppose we can try to take matters into our own hands in the meantime but I suspect the police might not like that.

    to jemima:
    Oh,... you poor thing!
    I hate when rotten apples do that! - they give the rest of us such a bad reputation...
    (*mumbles: "Stupid man at McD!"*)

    to meiyen:
    Yeah... and I can think of maaaaaaany other things that they should be categoried under too....

    to adam:
    Why can't there be good trends instead?
    ... It's sad, really.
    For me, I try my best to be considerate and good to my fellow human beings but sometimes I just come across ppl who make me feel very homicidal.
    (Can we blame this on TV/ Radio or just bad upbringing, I wonder?)

    to jing:
    So idiotic, right?
    It's like a snatch thief complaining the victim that she should have carried more money/ he twisted his arm when taking her bag!

    to soo jin:
    Yes... being as tall and big sized as you helps a LOT. Wanna be my permanent shopping center/ car park bodyguard?

  8. Empty the airs out of their tyers. Those assholes.

    If there were a foundation for neutering people like them, I'd donate too. Hehe. Hugs mate

  9. to merv:
    Wanna start one?
    You can be the President of the Singapore arm...

  10. No thanks. I'm too lazy haha


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