Thursday, August 24, 2006

Comment Moderation Is Fun

Everyone has a right to an opinion.

(I think so, anyway)

I usually make it a point to approve & publish every single comment posted by visitors (save for the overly rude/ lewd ones). However, my comment box may not be the right place for posting a 2,000 word essay on racial discrimination in Malaysia.
OK, Mr/ Mrs/ Miss Anonymous?

So, I apologise that I have chosen not to publish your comment but please go air your grouses somewhere more appropriate.
Thank you very much.


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  1. Wow, "comment moderation" really is frought with headaches, isn't it? Perhaps you and I should run a "comments moderataion trouble-shooting and counselling" session ... Gawd knows I need it; between not knowing how it all works, racial-hate essays and those bogus "I love your graphics, please click here..." messages, it's a freakin' minefield of emotional abuse!

    Thanks for dropping by.

  2. wow, 2000 word essay ah?

    some people, really have no sense...

    i'm gonna do the same with mine - from now on, comment moderation shall be employed!

  3. This is my 2000 word essay on why the chocoholic chic rocks.

    koff koff

    Here we go!

    Nah. Just kidding. You rock and you don't need 2000 words to explain why. Lol

  4. to donkeyblog:
    Yeah, maybe we should - comment boxes are such mine fields of spam some times...
    (Anyway, the pleasure was all mine - I had fun reading you blog!)

    to laksa:
    Well, it was 1,903 words to be exact....
    (I just rounded it up)

    Anyway, apparently common sense just isn't very common nowadays.

    to merv:
    I know! You need WAAAAAAAY more than 2000 words, right?
    Thanks - you're such a sweetie.


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