Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Daylight Robbery

A ranty review of Flagrante Delicto at Actors Studio, Bangsar: How we suffer for art....*sigh*

Me, Pat and SooJ had ventured to Bangsar Shopping Center on Sunday afternoon to watch a new play called Flagrante Delicto, which means "the act of committing a crime".... and by the end of the play, I thought to myself: "What an apt name!".

It sounded promising enough.
The blurb in the advertising mentioned that:
"This is a dark comedy.The story revolves around a group of senior bank employees that planned and managed to pull off a win - win operation that made them rich. They made a total of RM9 million. The bank incurred no loss. It was to be a perfect crime."
Flagrante Delicto poster

Seriously, I have a HUGE bone to pick with everyone who had a hand in the staging of this atrocity. This is the first time I have ever felt absolutely cheated of my hard earned money...

My RM35 would be better off donated to Somalia/ Sumatra/ etc than used to fund the validation of the lives of:
1) Bad scriptwriters who come up with mind-numbing lines like:
- "Harr? McKenzie ah? OOOORRR... I know! It's the subsidiary of McDonald, right?", and
- "Oh, I know lah - that guy is an illegal Pookie.... Whaarrt? I mean, Bookie larrrr...",

2) Robotic actors who are not only painfully awkward in the way they carry themselves but obviously very unpassionate about their work as they can't seem to remember all their lines smoothly, even for simple ones like:
"Oh, I can't believe this happened to me - I should have gone to Cuh...Cuh... erm,... *pause*... Canada!", AND

3) The EVIL mastermind who came up with the idea NOT to have an intermission - therein, eliminating my chance to escape in a manner that is not rude.

The Line Up of The Actors

Horrid. Horrid. HORRID.
Is this how inconsistent the quality of productions is at the Actor's Studio?
I had enjoyed watching Habeas Corpus in April (although it too, was far from perfect) but Flagrante was absolutely disappointing.

I shall have to be much more picky about what I choose to buy tickets for in future.

I will not suffer through such travesties again - I swear I'll just walk out the next time instead of thinking "Oh, just give them a chance - I'm sure it'll get better in a little while" and end up waiting till the curtain comes down.

Seriously, NEVER again.

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  1. Poor thing :(

    I would've thought the Actors' Studio would come up with better quality productions but i guess at the end of the day it's the usual form over substance hyped up malaysian so-called art house performance...

    i'll stick to donating to some charitable causes - at least you get tax relief too... :D

  2. I've given up on the Actor's Studio ages ago..since then..I've been spending my money on good books..

    Btw, I'm committed to some charitable organisations's a cruel world out there now..we should all try & way or another..& it doesn't matter what the amount is..'cos every single cent counts..

    p/s Thanks, J for the recommendation to try Cafe Cafe.. :p

  3. we left after the second act. couldn't take it anymore. it was dark and it wasn't rude :D

  4. to laksa:
    Ya loh - wasting money only.
    RM35 = 3 or 4 meals/ 3 movie tickets/ a lot of chocolate/ the cost of making a well in some obscure African village...

    to amelia:
    The sad thing is that some of the plays there are worth watching... it's just that you have to sort through all the rubbish to find it.

    ps/ About the recommendation - no probs... I hope you enjoyed the restaurant. :)

    to can't really say who i am here:
    (So mysterious....!)
    Well, good for you - I applaud you and shall definately follow your example the next time I am in a similar situation.


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