Thursday, August 10, 2006

Berry Nice

A delicious place to visit in Cameron Highlands....

A picture speaks a thousand words so this time, I will start by letting the photos communicate to you by themselves... First up, the Strawberry Ice Cream:
The Strawberry Ice Cream

Next, the Strawberry Milkshake:
The Strawberry Milkshake

They both look so yummy, don't they?

Well, just so you know:
The Strawberry Ice Cream is lovely - priced very decently (RM6), the combination of the juicy but slightly sour strawberries goes very well with the sweet taste of the strawberry sauce and the creamy vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.
Ahhh - perfection!

The Strawberry Milk Shake is also worth a try - smooth and refreshing with lots of yummy blended strawberries that gives this cool drink some texture (it is also priced very decently at RM7).
A list of some of the desserts

So, if you want to try a bite of these desserts - drop by Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm near the peak area in Cameron Highlands (walking distance from the Equatorial Hotel).... They only have a small range (such as Strawberries with Honey and Belgium Waffles with Strawberries) but it's definately worth a try if you're in the area.

A Peek at Raju's Hill Straberry Farm

There is a nice open air area that you can sit down, relax and indulge in these desserts while looking at the trees.... Otherwise, there's nothing much to see at Raju's Hill - the strawberry farm itself looks rather pathetic.

Misc shots of the strawberry farm


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  1. Gosh! You just reminded me of how fast time flies! :(
    My last trip to Cameron was in Dec 2004.

    Anyway, I love strawberries & that ice cream looks Deliciously YUMMY!

    #leaves the comment box salivating...# hehehe

  2. Drooling as I love strawberries. When were u at Camerons?

  3. haha...i also been here b4...their corn is the best..

  4. Yummy. Strawberrynice. Too bad one has to go all the way up to cameron highlands for a fix of what you just showed us tho hehe

  5. oooo, berry nice indeed...

    did i ever tell you i love straberries? no? well, i do :)

  6. didnt know raju had changed so much over the years. few years ago they just got a shack selling fresh strawberries. dats why we didnt go there. duh! went to another one near tanah rata but dat weekend they were closed! arrghh

  7. to jemima:
    Yeah - the strawberry ice cream was glorious!
    (True - sad how time flies so quickly, don't you think?)

    to boo_licious:
    haha - You're not the only one drooling.... Just thinking about it makes me so hungry!
    I went up just last weekend...

    to dragon city:
    Is it? - Didn't really try it.
    (Was too busy eating strawberries)
    Will try that next time I go there.

    to merv:
    It is a pretty long drive (especially for you) but if you happen to be there (for a romantic weekend or something like that) then you HAVE to try it.

    to laksa:
    Don't fight with me for the strawberriessss - I love them a lot....

    to babe_kl:
    Oh ok... Business continuity is all about constant improvement, I guess.
    I don't think their renovation is complete yet anyway - I thought I saw some cans of paint near the building.

  8. i can only look at strawberries. not allowed to eat. i am allergic to them. :(

  9. I feel so cheap in the sense that the only milkshakes I drink are the McDonald's RM 3+ ones.

  10. to Skyler:
    Nothing wrong with McD's milkshakes - they're sinfully delicious actually!
    I guess they have to make the milkshake has to be more expensive cos of all the fresh strawberries they put in.

  11. to ah beng:
    Oh man, you poor thing!
    Well,.. there are plenty of other delicious fruits and other kinds of food in the world anyway, so don't worry about it lah!

  12. we love the strawberriws

  13. to anonymous:
    Cool! Well, me too.. :)

    I just wished it were easier to get to Raju's more often and enjoy the cool air and yummy strawberry desserts.... :) :)


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