Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sweets For My Sweet

... and Chocolate For The Chocoholic!

My baby spoils me (mebbe a bit too much but don't let him hear that....)
He was very sweet to have remembered some fleeting comment I made about the LG Chocolate being really cool - especially the name (seeing as it suits me so well) - and he got it for my birthday!

Isn't it pretty?:

Sorry if this post seems a little self-indulgent - I'm just happy, that's all.


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  1. awwww, so sweet :)

    *hugs* lucky you for having someone who cherishes and adores you in your life :)

  2. Wow! I really envy you now. ;)

  3. nice phone!!! wondering how muchie is this phone?

  4. Hohoho! How fitting! Now all the chocoholic babe needs is a chocohouse hehe

  5. to laksa:
    Awww... thanks!
    I feel lucky too...
    .... but sshhhhhhhhh - don't let him hear that! It'll go straight to his head!

    to jemima:
    Erm... no need to be jealous lah..
    There's someone for every one of us out there - we just have to find them.
    (... and the longer it takes, the more we will appreaciate that person later on)

    to meiyen:
    I don't really know actually.
    It was a present so I didn't ask....

    to merv:
    Oh man... if I had a chocohome I would literally eat myself out of house and home!

  6. Aww... sweetness! How's the phone? Okay? :p

  7. to she's jess:
    So far, so good.
    Am still getting used to it and figuring out how to use all the functions.
    (This is the first time I have used an LG - usually I use Nokia or Sony Ericcson)

  8. So sweet of the boy! Very appropriate for the chocoholic.

  9. J, u lucky gal!!! this phone really suits u down to the T.

    btw do u think u can participate in a virtual open house? i'm hosting the Merdeka Open House 2006. see if you can cook up something for the virtual potluck. for details, pls check here http://babeinthecitykl.blogspot.com/2006/08/merdeka-open-house-2006-calling-all_15.html

  10. to boo_licious:
    I think so too - but the phone may be a little too delicate for me.
    I'm always afraid that I will damage it.

    to babe_in_kl:
    Yeah - I'm a chocoholic so there can't be any better phone for me out there.

    Open House?
    Me - Cook??
    I really would love to participate but I dunno what I can whip up...
    (Teruk - I only know how to eat)


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