Thursday, August 03, 2006

Coffee, Tea Or Me?

An interesting coffee place I stumbled upon while walking around the Kuching city area....

A cosy little cafe opened by a sweet husband and wife team, Borneo Cafe (aka. Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company) is located at one end of Carpenter Road, near the Chinese temple at the main road:
The Main Signboard and Cafe Interior

That day, we strolled in and tried the Iced Mocha and the Iced Latte:

The Iced Mocha and Iced Latte

I never have and will probably never declare to be an expert in the subject of coffee. So, I can't preach in great length on the exact qualities and characteristics of this coffee as compared to others. However, in general: It has a fragrant and very fresh flavour - an almost "green" taste to it with a complex aroma that lingers on the palate.... something very different to the normal coffees that I've tasted:

The Freshly Roasted Liberica Coffee Beans

The cheerful owner explained to us that this is the distinctive flavour of the Liberica beans which he gets fresh from the local farmers (pesticide free!) and lovingly roasts himself every morning. He also blends in some Robusta beans to give it that extra aroma.
(Apparently Liberica beans are full flavoured but do not emit a strong fragrance)


They also serve tea there, ranging from the normal jasmines to the more expensive "pu-er" from China.
(Didn't try any tho)

Most of the coffees/ teas here are a steal at only (approx) RM4.00 a cup.
(Absolute pittens as compared to the Beans and the Bucks)
The only downside is that the place is just a tad too warm as the aircond is not powerful enough. Otherwise, it's an interesting place to try out.

They even allow purchases of their coffee beans through email but I've lost the address....
(If anyone has it, can they please share it?)

Contact details for Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company, as follows, has been kindly provided by HungryOx:
Owner's Name : Mr. Chang Jong Yiaw
Mobile Phone : (6) 019-879 9747

Do call it (at decent hours of the day) for any enquiries.
(Thanks, Mr. HungryOx!)

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  1. I've never been there..

    My fave & regular coffee place in Kuching is Seattle at Merdeka Palace.. :)

  2. oooo.. da iced latte looks yummy!!!! *slurp*

  3. to Amelia:
    Oh ok - haven't tried it before.
    Is Seattle Coffee very expensive?

    to meiyen:
    It was nice!
    The iced mocha was also yummy.
    (They used Hersheys chocolate sauce in it)

  4. i've been there before - happened to come across it by chance as i usually eat lunch across the shop at Life Cafe.

    yeah, totally agree - unique shop indeed :)

  5. The Sarawak Liberica beans are great! Better than Coffex and some other international brands. 250g for RM18. Here's the contact for Black Bean Coffee & Tea Company... Chang Jong Yiaw, H/P:019 8799747.
    WARNING: It's freshly packed so let it sit for 1 week. The gas from the beans will fill the shrink wrapped bag of beans and you'll be able to steal a sniff from the valve outlet of the bag. Enjoy!

  6. to laksa:
    Yeah.... Kuching has a lot of interesting cafes/ restaurant actually.
    I really like the couple that runs that coffee place - they are very friendly and sweet.

    to hungryox:
    Wow - Sounds like you are a big fan of the coffee there!
    Anyway, thanks for the contact details - I had accidentally lost the receipt+name card too.
    (Very careless of me)

  7. Too bad... it's not in KL :(

  8. to she's jess:
    Yeah... it's a pity...
    In KL/PJ we have a lot of big chains of coffee franchises but not many quaint little coffee places like this.


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