Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On The Lookout

On a lighter note......

I saw this cute little doggy from my car while I was stuck at a traffic light:

I had ever noticed it before this but nowadays I always keep an eye out for it while driving on my way to work. It's so adorable: sitting there like the guardian/ protector of the house, watching out for bad guys from its sentry point.

(The doggy is probably a little too fluffy and cute to look scary though)


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  1. Jemima singing:
    "How much is that doggie in the 'window'? Woof woof! The one that is fluffy & cute. Woof woof!"

    LOL. That's just to lighten things up even more. ;)

  2. BEWARE!!! This dogs' bark is surely mightier than its bite. It's all in the disguise....

  3. to jemima:
    Thanks for that.

    to hungryox:
    The wise ox speaketh again! - I shall be wary of cute fluffy dogs then, just in case.

  4. Reminds me of our dogs long time ago. My two sisters had one each both look like the dog in the picture. Mine was a big Alsatian

  5. to adam:
    Oh my.
    I do hope they didn't fight a lot...
    (2 cute fluffy dogs vs a big alsation - maybe not a fair fight?)

  6. that dog looks more likely to get stolen than anything else haha!

  7. to merv:
    Yeah, I suppose it doesn't look particularly deadly...
    ... but it's so cute though!


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