Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Lunch (aka. The Naughtiness Continues)

What I ate for lunch today:
  x 4

Was it a healthy and nutritious lunch?
Honestly, I don't think so....

... But do I feel contented and happy?
Oh, yes.... DEFINATELY.

Signing off,
J (A Chocoholic, through and through)

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tihtahpah said...

Have u tried the kitkat icecream?

Laksa said...

who says it's not healthy? mental health is equally as important as physical health, and there's nothing wrong with having something that makes us happy :)

J said...

to tihtahpah:
Just had one the other day...
I quite like it (but I have friend's who don't - I suppose you can't please them all)

I still prefer a chocolate Trophy though.

to laksa:
True - so, I should eat more chocolate and be happy all the time then...

cely said...

new kitkat? or new packaging? never see this color b4...

J said...

to cely:
It's the new limited edition Kit Kat Capuccino.

It's been out for 1 or 2 months already - not bad lah (I like it anyway)

Skyler said...


Times FOUR! I can never bring myself to eat more than two. Lucky one.

J said...

to Skyler:
What to do?
I love chocolates AND I'm just plain greedy.

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