Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sweet And Simple

Soppy post ahead....
(You have been warned)

It was just like any other night...
We were just sitting there watching a DVD and just having idle conversation, joking, laughing...

Then, he turned to me and said: "You know,... I love the way you laugh. There's just something about it - so warm and infectious - it makes me happy to hear it...."

... and THAT is possibly the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me in my life.

In fact, that almost totally negates all the comments he made about me gaining weight last week.

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  1. Now, that's hard to beat!! Quite original I must say.

  2. to Merv:
    What can I say?
    Inside this hard, urbanite exterior lies a mushy chocolate heart....

    to hungryox:
    Yeah - usually guys just use lines like "You have such beautiful eyes", right?

  3. ooo....sincere words from his heart! so sweet...

  4. to meiyen:
    Well, it totally melted my heart...
    (I'm such a softie)


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