Friday, August 04, 2006

A Tale Of Tuak

... because it's Friday, I shall post about alcohol!

I finally got down to sampling some of the Tuak that I was so generously given as a going away present from Kuching...
(I got that, and a bottle of black pepper sauce *lol*)

I was a bit sceptical at first, seeing the murky colour and all the sediment of this traditional fermented rice wine from Sarawak,...
... but Wow: It's really good!

The Tuak!

It tasted wonderfully smooth yet sweet, with no strong alcoholic aftertaste at all - definately very easy to drink.
(I can see why it is labelled somewhat of a "ladies drink")
I had been warned by friends that it is terribly easy to get taken by surprise by this innocent tasting drink as the alcohol will usually hit you very suddenly after 3 glasses....
(So, I limited myself to 2)
(Apparently the alcohol content can very anywhere from 10% to 50%!!)

On a totally separate note:
I feel like going for the Zouk member's party tonight...
Apparently, they are gonna give out goodie bags with mystery gifts and chocolates inside, so it can't be all that bad, right?

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  1. Tuak is perhaps the best damn cheap liqour I've ever tasted. Sarawak wrocks doesn't it? ;)

    (not sure if I just sent 3 comments for moderation. Something sems up with blogger on my side)

  2. nice leh :)

    it seems a bottle of tuak and black pepper sauce are the trademark going away prezzies from s'wak...hehe

    i love tuak - one of my all-time fav alcoholic beverages!

  3. to Merv:
    Tuak is great!
    ... and yeeees, Sarawak too.
    (Nope - Just one comment)

    to laksa:
    Haha. Yeah - it's like a standard package.

    I'm starting to like Tuak too - but dunno where to find any good ones in West Malaysia...

  4. drinking is sin, refrain from drinking. hehe

  5. to ky:
    Ah, I see....
    It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Everything in moderation is ok, right? - we can't all be angels...

  6. How 'bout Tody? I hear you can get it in Penang and it should be a cheaper alternative to Tuak.

  7. to anonymous:
    Never tried it before... - does it taste nice?

  8. I was told that the Iban women should not be making tuak when they are having their monthly. Apparently the tuak "colour" will be different.

  9. to jemima:
    So it'll be pink or red or something?

    I shall remember and be careful the next time that I see any Tuak with a suspicious colour....
    (just in case)

  10. Yes. It'll be pinkish.


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