Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cup Half Full

I'm on leave today!
(Yay for Annual Leave)

Now, before I go out and have my full day of relaxation/ shopping/ etc, here's the question to ponder : WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT MALAYSIA?

I know there are things that you may not like or outrightly HATE but in conjunction with our nation's 49th birthday, let's focus on the positive side, ok?
*sings*.. Negarakuuuuuuu.....

For me, I love Malaysia because of:
1) The fact that my family and (most of) my friends are here,
2) The food (except petai and durian and other smelly things like that),
3) The wonderful multicultural blend of the people and culture,
4) The peace and harmony (Yay - no war!)
5) The lack of natural disasters like volcanic explosions and earthquakes,
6) The... the...

Ok, I'll have to stop at 5) then.
Your turn now....

Oh,... and I'm gonna take this opportunity to apologise to Babe_kl because I had promised to contribute something for the Merdeka Open House but have to break my promise as I'll be away from home for the Merdeka holidays...
So sorry, Babe!
(Tolong jangan marah..... *hugs*)

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  1. I love Malaysia because of the food and pirated stuff... i think i'll stop at that... haha

  2. Wow, you have been busy!

    What I love about Malaysia (well, ahve only been to KL).
    1) The airport
    2) That you can eat beef steak
    3) That chicken place ... what's it called, Aunite's or Mummas or somethin' like that - it's GOOD.
    4) The night market in Chinatown - I like!

    Not very cultural, am I?

  3. I love Malaysia too. Happy holidays.

  4. I read on a website about stuipd laws and it said in malaysia, that it is illegal to dance on turtles. so, that is number one on my list, cuz turtles are cool, and dancing on them is not...ok it is kinda cool, but maybe not for the turtles.

    2-9 are the around 8 people I know in malaysia, well or not so.

    and 10 is for mamak, what ever that mysterious thing is.

    just another blogg terrorist attack!
    from canada

  5. Hey J, Selamat Hari Merdeka. Hope you're having a good there over there haha

  6. to laksa:
    Good that you are helping to support Malaysia's immerging cottage industry.
    (Piracy, that is)

    to donkeyblog:
    It's cultural enough.
    (If food = culture, anyway)

    to adam:
    Good for you!
    (Hey.... but you're leaving the country, aren't you?)

    to b:
    Am I there on your list?
    (Which number am I, between 2 and 8?)

    to merv:
    I got to see fireworks at KLCC (away from the maddening crowd some more) so it's all good.
    Are you celebrating down there in Sg?

  7. no problem J, we had plenty of food to go around. i hope u attended the open house though... for makan :p

  8. long time i didnt visit your blog. have been on the road. no time to go online. good to know we have very patriotic citizens like you.

    a commentor told me on his blog that he dont buy pirated stuff. very surprised that he admitted to it here.

  9. to babe_kl:
    Oh yeah... when I saw your blog I just couldn't stop drooling - it was not a pretty sight!

    to b:
    Heyyy... how come I'm so low down on the list?

    to ah beng:
    Well,.. we all have our weak moments..
    (Besides, they are so cheap!)

    Nice to see you back anyway.
    Hope you're well.


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